World of Darkness

Coping with her parents’ divorce, a 4th grader’s introspective journey explores the meaning of hope and friendship through her expressive fictional story, “A World of Darkness”. The story is exactly as she wrote it, including all misspellings and punctuation.

The air got thiner. The rain was cold and dirty against my dry skin. A loud boom roared from the skies above. I felt lost, scared and alone like a new born animal who has no sence of direction or it’s surroundings.
My legs collapsed onto the damp floors of the woods in which I was lost. I focussed on the sounds of the woods. A constant moan of a small bird was heard in the distance, it seamed as if it too was fear-filled and confused.
I crawled to a nearby rock, the sharp pebbles released blood from my skin along the way. I felt that I could not stand up, as if I had forgot how. The wonders above me released less droplets of h2O. The conditions seamed to get better, but nothing in my mind had changed.
In my mind everything was dark. I could not see light or the beautiful things that everyone would claim to see. Therefore I should keep myself dark hidden and alone. Keeping my grief in my the un-ending tunnel light would not survive in.
I buried my face in my arms and fell into a different world then I usually live in. This world was still almost always dark too, except there where formiliar voices and occasional streams of light.
I heard a voice sweet and soft, covered in worries and fear. I could not make out what the voice was screaming but it had no hope in it. Meanwhile, a light pink stream flew across the visual of my dream. The voice was mine.
” we will come back!” where the words said by another formiliar but mysterious voice at the end of my dream. My body shook from a sudden chill that went thru my arms. I lifted up my head, still yet to see light.
It was complicated how I missed light but still could not bare seeing happiness at the same time. I was just used to my tunnel being dark and sad. I started on my journey again crawling. I felt there was a particular route in which I was going but I had still not discovered it.
A gentle sweet but strong smell went thru my nose. A smell only produced by roses. Once I inhaled the smell I felt a sudden courage to keep going.
I stood up.
I placed one foot on the ground at a time, cautious that I could not see.
Suddenly I felt someone with bold eyes watching me as some nearby bushes rustled. A dry hand touched my shoulder. Where are you? The strange person asked ,voice soft and desperate. At once I knew she too was blind. At once I could trust her.
” I’m unable to find the place I called home.” I said to the strange girl.
” I’m unable to find a person I can trust” she said to me, her voice cracking a little. ” You see, my parents left me saying they would come back but now I have gotten lost here, but i have no sense of where im going, I need a guide to help me.
I froze. It was odd how similar our situations grew to be. We where both lost and both will never find home, I knew that for a fact. My mother would never be there to cook the warm breakfasts she always makes, my father will never be there to watch over us as we ran in the fields. Ever since I lost my eyesight my father was too depressed to watch me run with linia and stayed inside.
Linia went inside to get water and I stayed outside. I ran but into the woods by accident and never braided Linia’s golden hair again. The last word to come from her mouth was ” dont worry I will come back, I’m only getting a drink of water.” And that was that. But now I had a chance.
” What is your name” I asked the strange girl, trying my best to be friendly.
“I have none, I was never named.” She answered proudly.
By the end of our unclear journey she will. I thought to myself with a smirk on my face.
We started up the trail, my hand holding the girls arm and her hand on my arm. As we walked I felt like one, as if I was here again with linia. We walked over rough trails and waded through rivers, all while holding each other. We talked and giggled, were thrilled and dissapointed but the whole time neither of us fell once.
The part of my sandal that had beed worn out on the bottom felt the tough gravel like the kind that burns in the road in seconds during the summer and freezes in it during the winter, just like now.
” lets cross” The strange girl said, her voice determined. Then, there we went. Over the road that seemed to be never ending, over the hills that my sister and I used to run on, and the whole time we kept each other company. I no longer hated light.
When we got a stream we played in there for a while, the water was warm which was surprising considering the leaves were falling off the trees, as my mother said.
I splashed the strange girl, then she splashed me back. Every time we splashed we giggled and I could feel the girl smiling, just like me!
A little while later I felt the moon come up and the girl told me ” my father said that the moon and sun are brothers and sisters and they do argue, but they get over it because when it narrows down to life, they realized that they would have to work together.
I sat on the cold wet grass and she sat down with me. I thought about what she had said about working together. All of a sudden I gripped her hand, knowing it was right. You did not need eyes to see feelings, you do not need to see to see the earth. These are things that are felt. Just then another steam of light came thru my mind, this time blue. The stream said a single word, and forever that word changed me.
This word was hope.

By: Juliette, 4th grade


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    So sweet and hopeful, Juliette! I know you now use many colors with which you paint and write so beautifully. Hugs!

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