Wellness is big business nowadays, from pharmaceuticals to acupuncture to Ayahuasca Ceremonies. The spectrum is wide and it is not limited to Western medicine anymore here in the West, many people are looking towards alternative medicine to avoid the slippery slope of getting hooked on “drugs”. Holistic medicine has been around for thousands of years and the medicine man (or woman) in these self sustaining communities were revered as healers. They passed their wisdom down from generation to generation, the remedies were usually kept secret to ensure that proper portions were used by the experienced healer. Their medicines were derived from nature, not man made chemicals, and there was a spiritual component to their craft which sometimes involved ceremonies if the healing was focused more on emotional integration.

When we get physically sick most of us go to the doctor and get prescribed medicine, when we get mentally sick most of us go to a psychiatrist and get prescribed medicine to feel better. These pharmaceutical medicines have side effects that then must be treated and before we know it, we can be on more than one medication. The root of the problem, where the ailment is coming from, is not usually addressed. The symptoms are most often what is treated, not the deeper issue that is causing the problem, therefore the treatment is a quick fix until the problem manifests again in the same or different way.

I find it interesting that alternative medicine is gaining momentum when the majority of corporate money is in Pharmaceutical. This shows me that people want a more healthy, integrative and holistic approach to treat their bodies with, however many of these remedies are not covered by insurance. Traditional Western medicine is covered by insurance, or it is supposed to be covered (but that is a whole different subject), and this is a decision maker for many who can not afford a more holistic approach. However, more and more people are seeking out alternative medicine. This shows the direction to watch as evolution occurs and disrupts traditional western medicine as a whole.