The privilege is all ours as Kigi Love Foundation is excited to announce our newest artist on-board this space station: Vexin. A Columbia, South Carolina native, the 23 year old DJ, producer, vocalist, and violinist’s vision is to provide a transcendent listening experience by extracting people out of their current world and bringing them into another state.

The two singles Epoch and Demons are out now with a third single coming out this November. Vexin and Kigi Love will be working together for the full album release in June of next year. A standout guy, we have really enjoyed our consulting sessions and believe this is the beginning of something special.

His single Demons, below, showcases his talent brilliantly. An uplifting and moving electronic piece that has it all, Vexin fuses the hook, those vocals, movement, lyrics, the drop, and most importantly-meaning, in a solid package.


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