The Warrior

Elaina Busch, also known as e.lotus, is an amazing poet with a profound ability to touch the soul.  I’m honored to call her my friend.  This beautiful piece is entitled “The Warrior”.

The Warrior

He wanted nothing more from this world than his own freedom, and I believe this is why he was at times in great and inconceivable pain; the unforetold loneliness of possessing a foreign heart unrecognizable by those around you.

You see, his heart was not forged at the same hearth as the common man’s, he was a bastard of stars far from here. To find shelter from the coldness of others, his chest became a warm sanctuary,

of light
of life
of love

this angered some, to not understand the brilliance of another person’s light offends those who have long forgotten how to shine. they sought to mar him, to disfigure that which stirred within them a quiet gnawing loneliness. to silence anything that stood as a reminder of what it had meant to have a soul that was young and free. they desired to capture him and to ensnare him deeply into a misery he had not earned, and yet..

no earthly hell can touch that which was carved by the hands of heaven and baptized under the wonder of celestial light,

you cannot sully love that is freely given without expectation or harm that which sadly welcomes you with a broken hearted forgiveness,

you cannot break or tame that which the universe and its makers have been in awe of since the beginning of time and named as endlessly sacred the day it conceived him.

He wanted nothing more from this world than his own freedom, but he no longer seeks the permission of any mortal man to breathe, for he has become the master of his own fate, infinitely wild and forever unafraid of what may come.


You can find more poetry at @e.lotus instagram.



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