The Twilight Sad

Post-punk indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, The Twilight Sad captured our imaginations opening up for The Cure last Saturday night, June 18 at Madison Square Garden.  Heavy riffs, a deep bass, mobilizing drums, and spiritual vocals encompassed the 6-7 song set as the Garden was filling up to the brim.  Singer James Graham’s vocals fuse together pain, hardship, hope, and spirituality similar to someone living on the rain-drenched streets of Glasgow who has just seen the sun break through.  With the band full of emotion, it was Graham’s dynamic stage presence which really won fans over.  Fully dancing around on stage, smashing cymbals with his air drums, and playing along with the guitar and bass, it wasn’t hard to understand what The Twilight Sad were all about.  Just as their name suggests, they are the light that illuminates the darkness in the middle of the night.