Co-Founder and Director

Marcus Svensson is a member of the board of directors and also our Director. His qualifications include a BA in Business Management from Salve Regina University and sits on the board of ProjectArt. Upon completion of his degree, he spent 2 years as a high school teacher, 5 years helping families as a caregiver/personal assistant and has played bass in an indie band with his brother all around central New Jersey and the Poconos.  His philosophy in life is always to help others and this is characterized in helping two separate families with small children who were going through divorce. He served as the Creative Director and President of Kigi Life, a lifestyle apparel company, successfully getting into both the Hamptons and Brooklyn market for clothing within first year of conception. Marcus manages the day-to-day business of the organization and heads up the Kigi Love Music Consulting Department.  His interests include playing music, attending concerts, literature (favorite author Murakami), and creating.


Co-Founder and Vice President

Jennifer Kissling is a member of the board of directors and also our Vice President. An entrepreneur with 20+ years experience as a consultant in the New York City and Buffalo Real Estate industry, she has founded four successful socially responsible businesses and is an Executive Board member for the non-profit ProjectArt. Her passion lies in creating innovative concepts for development and leading industry trends while serving the community and client experience. Her strong background in branding, an Art History Degree, combined with her ability to implement clients’ vision, enables her to create cohesive, cultural, and inspiring design which is her signature. She is also a Preservation Award Winner for her work on the Remington Lofts On the Canal project in Buffalo, NY. Ms. Kissling helps with the overall strategy of the company and heads up Kigi Love Art Consulting Department.  Her interests include her family, writing, astrology, music, and creative thinking.



Claes Ake Svensson is a member of the board of directors and also our Treasurer. A professional with 40+ years experience in Finance and Corporate Treasury for various banks and companies such as Skandia, PK Banken, ACL, and Nordbanken, he has also sat on the board of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.  While still playing an active role as a retiree in Florida, he continues to take on consulting contracts for financial advisement.  He views his position within the Kigi Love Foundation as a way to give back, while in his free time enjoys playing golf and tennis.  He's quite good too.  He and his brother won the Swedish Junior Championships in Doubles way back when.