One World Trade Center Art

Artist Donald Martiny’s, creator of two monumental works permanently installed in the lobby of One World Trade Center, was intimately captured by Max Meyer of Maxamillian Studio in the video Donald Martiny: Artwork In Progress for the One World Trade Center. 

Initiating an intimate relationship with the viewer through his monumental brushstrokes, Donald wants the experience of his work to “take place in the same space as the viewer.”  Bringing the figure and experience of the painting to the foreground, Donald literally dances and swims in the paint as he is painting, creating an intimate and dynamic bond with his audience.  His large brushstrokes are something all of us can relate to.  Singularly, brushstrokes are the product of the artist’s movement.  Together, brushstrokes make up an entire painting.  Donald’s pieces are a perfect metaphor for the World Trade Center in that we each have a sincere connection with the building, yet the building itself represents the whole of the United States.

Inspired by the World Trade Center itself, which shoots up to the sky and reflects the sky, Donald created his works as a juxtaposition between night and day.  On one hand, there is the hope that comes with the new day.  On the other, the setting sun closes a chapter.  Very much like the One World Trade Center itself.

Donald Martiny: Artwork in Progress for the One World Trade Center from Maxamillian Studio on Vimeo.