O’Keefe Music Foundation

A few days ago I came across the O’Keefe Music Foundation and love their concept of empowering children to express themselves through music. They “provide children with the opportunity to professionally record their music for free. Whether in a grand concert hall, a top notch recording studio or in a cobblestone alleyway.” I mean who doesn’t want to be a rock star for a day – so fun!

The children work with industry professionals, while using top notch equipment, and then share the performances with a global audience to inspire children around the world. The foundantion also teaches the children music production so that they can keep on producing their music after their unforgettable rock star experience!

Children today are presented with so many choices, some healthy, many unhealthy. Choosing to express themselves through the arts is a wise decision and I am always grateful when I see foundations encouraging children to do so.

If you would like to donate please visit: www.okmusicfoundation.org/donations/