A Man Without A Country

Written when he was 82 years old, A Man Without a Country was Kurt Vonnegut’s final work dealing with a range of topics from humor(as usual), societal views, politics, problems with modern technology, and the importance of art and creation. He takes a stand for the working man and shows, in comedic detail, the art of storytelling from Shakespeare to Cinderella.

man without a country

Most importantly, at the heart of all his short essays comprising A Man Without a Country, is the view for a simple life far from greed and power. Potshots at the American addiction to oil and the influence of people of authority are balanced with the idea that creating something in your life will yield gratification and to live an honorable life helping others is better than keeping up with the ever evolving technology paradigm.

Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut has a stunning ability to mix humor with real life issues and boil them down for any simpleton to understand. The funniest part is Kurt probably found it more comical to write and publish such material to an audience than the audience found reading it. He wrote it for himself. Our arts culture would benefit if more artists created for themselves, rather than the public. The work becomes much more pure and uninfluenced. True art.