Keith Lykins Update

Keith Lykins is in full force and playing 8 gigs all over the Ohio area in the next 30 days with the pinnacle show coming up June 12, 2016 at the House of Blues Cleveland.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here Live Music Showcase.   A Kigi Love artist we have been working with, Keith has gone through quite a bit through our tenure together.  This past year Keith battled an aggressive bout of cancer, although after successful treatments and operations involving opening up his head, he is now cancer free and focused on his life’s passion – guitar.

A classicaly trained guitarist and composer, Keith explores the multi-texture rhythms of the Indian, Afro/Cubano, and Celtic table to the straightforward, yet complex, harmonic layering of melodic composition through his percussive acoustic guitar.  He even created his own guitar, the DAGR 9, from a dream he once had.  A 9 string guitar including drum pads running through a module which allows for virtually any percussive sound, the DAGR 9 is an instrument which endows the player with the ability to expand the instrument tonally.

Kigi Love is proud to have connected with Keith and wish him all the best in his upcoming gigs.  For a full list of where you can see Keith live, please visit his website

Here is Keith playing an original “Ring Around the Moon For Baby Eli” with his own DAGR 9.