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  • if you’ve ever been foolishly alive before then perhaps you know about the discord that nostalgia can create within you.
    perhaps, you have been silly like me, and placed the warmth and fullness of your thoughts […]

  • Post-punk indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, The Twilight Sad captured our imaginations opening up for The Cure last Saturday night, June 18 at Madison Square Garden.  Heavy riffs, a deep bass, mobilizing […]

  • Last year I was in Boulder, CO with fellow Kigi Love co-founder, Marcus, and CEO of Illegal NY, Prinz Carlson. We were really looking forward to checking out this progressive town and all it has to offer. The […]

  • I am most definitely a fault rippling through the seams of creation; an unintended blunder, a fluke. An extraterrestrial bandit blowing in through the back alleys of the cosmos, a typo in the gospels of angels; […]

  • Tomorrow, Friday June 3, Michael Vexin’s debut album is dropping!  Ten tracks of haunting yet uplifting vocals are fused together with electronic beats and acoustic instruments with a quality throughout.  S […]

  • Born in France 1931, Claude’s abstract artwork is born straight from the imagination.  With lines and shapes in constant flux, the direction of the art changes just as easily as the creation of thought within the […]

  • All that I am, every breathing and living inch of me has been shaped by every person I have come into contact with.
    Hand-me-downs from those I have laughed with, the beautiful faces I have cried with.  Shaped by […]

  • Marcus wrote a new post, Dear Sophia 3 years ago

    Dear Sophia,

    may the Moon never forget
    the first time it held you in its arms
    and forever honor the journey you made
    as you passed by its curious eyes
    before crashing down to earth,
    made of stardust and […]

  • Michael Vexin’s new album Epoch comes out on June 3, 2016 and we can’t wait for the release.  To add to the buildup, Vexin’s creative partner Maze-ter (twitter, facebook) has created some pretty awesome teasers […]

  • Written when he was 82 years old, A Man Without a Country was Kurt Vonnegut’s final work dealing with a range of topics from humor(as usual), societal views, politics, problems with modern technology, and the i […]

  • Marcus wrote a new post, Listen 3 years, 1 month ago

    listen, I still don’t really have the words for it.

    it’s a little bit like that one night, the one where solely the memory of it leaves a warm, balmy impression in the dank dampness of your heart.
    there was no […]

  • As popular music today focuses more and more on the entertainment factor rather than compositional, emotional, and technical skill, there is a small rising of true musicians and artists who ply their trade […]

  • Departures has captured me like no other travel show has. An original Canadian production created by Andre Dupuis and Scott Wilson, the travel adventure series is beautifully shot with elements of culture, […]

  • David Gilmour, lead guitarist and vocalist of legends Pink Floyd, will be touring this Spring/Summer 2016 and we are fortunate enough to attend this Monday April 11th, at Madison Square Garden.  Virtuoso of the […]

  • E.lotus’ poem “Rough Hands” touches upon the source of creation, union, individuality, time, the unknown, and love. A true gem.

    To read more, visit her instagram page @e.lotus

  • Electric synth pop duo Porcelain People create music to course through the veins.  With deep house beats and vocals reminiscent of something off of a Daft Punk album, Fred Kalil and John Thornhill come together […]

  • Elaina Busch, also known as e.lotus, is an amazing poet with a profound ability to touch the soul.  I’m honored to call her my friend.  This beautiful piece is entitled “The Warrior”.
    The Warrior
    He wanted n […]

  • Indie rock reminding us of summer waves and glistening stars, Five Mile Float’s latest single “Loose Interpretations” offers a new song to drive around with the windows down. Lead singer Zach Block’s unique vocal […]

  • Marcus posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    Congrats to Kigi Love artist Michael Vexin on obtaining a manager!

  • Artist Donald Martiny’s, creator of two monumental works permanently installed in the lobby of One World Trade Center, was intimately captured by Max Meyer of Maxamillian Studio in the video Donald Martiny: […]

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