• Nathan Pitsinger posted an update 3 years ago

    New page, I’m a new artist, i have been playing for a while but not writing, but I figured I would give it a shot.

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    • Bass man…welcome to love @bass-man101 Let’s hear some of your work!

    • Don’t worry I’m working on a piece right now, it will be out soon enough.

    • welcome to Love, looking forward to hearing your music!

      • My first single will be out in 6 weeks tops, its hard to write while getting an education these days.

        • Aint that the truth. What are you studying? I was a business major myself but the arts, especially music, just completely took hold of my life. What instruments will your single compose of? @bass-man101

          • well, im studying in high school, but my single will have guitar, bass guitar, some sort of drum track that my grandfather will help me put together, i dont know what else i am going to put in there

            • Cool man, looking forward to hearing it. Let me know when it’s done!