Find Me

Matthew John

Into the grave people think I lie

Its In the sky that I freely fly

Diving down into the sea

This is where you will find me

Between the moon and flowing tides

My choice was made with intention

My desire to be free

My love for you all

I was not needed

I longed to travel through the sky

Back to where where i belong

Look up and smile at the moon

I will smile back

Swim in the ocean

I will hug you with the waves

Remember my love for you

It will always stay alive within us

Love never dies, it has allowed me to fly

My choice was out of love for me, love for you, I finally loved myself enough to set my soul free.

September 28



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    So beautiful Jenny. I miss him so. He was wrong though- I do need his love. Before he died he was making plans to take care of me. He insisted I get a dog- one he had chosen for me. He said it was known as “The Kings Protector” a dog King Louie had- some kind of spaniel and he make me -promise I would get one. Little did I know…

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    Sorry- I log in under Vicki’s email. Anyway, such a beautiful way to think about Mattie- as being free, “feeling him in the waves,” “flying,” loving himself. Big hug to you! Annie

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