The opposite of fear is LOVE, fearless leaders are love based in their approach to life and are leading today’s social change. Fearless leaders genuinely want to help others move forward in their careers and overall lives. They life coach, encourage their associates, and build their network up instead of fearfully putting people down through competition and manipulation. When you are secure in yourself, when you love who you are, you then have the ability to love and genuinely help every other human being on this planet. When we eliminate fear from our lives, magical miracles happen in an extraordinary way. Through fear we live in lack and drama, through love we lead the change we wish to see.

My daughter graduated from elementary school last year and gave a speech at the graduation ceremony. At ten years old she is unbelievably wise, she expressed her gratitude for friends and teachers who always celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, for creating an environment where students can thrive without feeling the pressure of judgments, and for always feeling accepted in her school community. I know her friends well and see how they interact with each other and love seeing how they constantly build one another up. They work as a team, there isn’t one single leader, they are all leaders who teach and spread a love-based way of living. I am so inspired by them, I wish every single school and parent encouraged their children to feel good about who they are, to accept themselves as perfectly flawed and to stop teaching them to “become” something or someone else. If we teach self-acceptance in school, the children of tomorrow will never learn how to hate, we are born only knowing how to love, hate is learned through fear. Our power comes from within, when we tap into ourselves and connect with love our fear organically falls away.

When we live love based lives we only see human beings, we do not see gender, race, skin color, sexual orientation, age or anything else that society uses to make us feel separated from one another. The reality is this: we are all connected through being human and we were all created as unique individuals so that everyone can contribute to the world in a special way. When we accept ourselves for who we are created to be, when we love and accept ourselves deeply in our hearts, we are then able to spread this love to other people. Through love we see no separation between us, we feel no hate, we feel no fear, we are transformed into the fearless leader who ultimately changes the world, one person, one love, one heart at a time.


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