Family Inspiration

image of concert poster featuring henry l scott, concert pioneer of the century playing at carnegie hall

My Grandfather, Henry L Scott, was an entrepreneur, musician, concert pianist, humorist and lover of entertaining people. A music prodigy, he was self -taught through ear and observation and his love for playing was infectious. Going against the grain to make his dreams come true, Henry focused on his first passion even though he was well educated with a PHD and could easily have gone into his second love, finance. However, he decided to take the risk and focus on his music.

This is the part that I love-he differentiated himself from other musicians and invented his own gig: “concert humorist pianist”. He loved to entertain people, loved to play the piano, make people laugh, and laugh they did. He used his entrepreneurial spirit to put this plan into action and it paid off well. He had a vibrant career that brought him all over the world performing for royal families, heads of state, and in prestigious concert halls – Carnegie Hall being his favorite. He went down in the history books for being the inventor of the concept “Concert Humorist “. Being his own manager, he also wrote his own act, and was the sole talent on stage. He was a hit and he loved every minute of what he was doing. When he retired towards the middle of his life, he decided to pursue Finance and re-invented himself as a Senior Investment Advisor until he retired for a second time at the age of 88.

I was inspired to write this story because after dedicating a large portion of my life to helping artists make a career for themselves doing what they love, I realized that my Grandfather‘s pioneering spirit shaped the way I view the world. I am a believer in living my life to the fullest and going within for answers, following my intuition, following my passion and following whatever crazy journey I am on, because I know that I will be happiest expressing my creativity with the world. I was reminded of him a few weeks ago when I was invited to attend a humanitarian concert event at Carnegie Hall. When I walked into Carnegie Hall all I could think about was how my Grandfather must have felt when he first played there. He was a mid century concert pianist who had pushed the boundaries by combining different mediums, in doing so he had created a performance powerful enough to captivate the large audience at Carnegie Hall, with just him as the sole performer. So powerful! It was a really cool experience that I will never forget and I will continue to encourage artists to follow their dreams, dreams do come true.

Artists know how to create, how to express themselves, however they don’t always know how to create themselves in business, how to build a business around their creative passions. My grandfather knew how to do both and this is what I love to teach. Through collaboration, coaching, and consulting, artists have the ability to learn how to develop their creative expression into a fully functioning business that adds value to the world.

image of henry l scott, america's greatest artist in the humorous concert world