Ethan Update

Last Friday  co-founder Marcus Svensson and I swung by Kigi Love artist Ethan Boisvert’s new art studio for a visit. We were pleasantly surprised to see that he has been re-investing his earnings into himself. His paintings have been selling like crazy over the past few months, clients are flipping out for his bold and colorful works of art. We love to invest time and money into artists that we believe in, however sometimes the artists don’t believe enough in themselves and they blow their earnings on extravagances. Ethan did just the opposite, he used the money to build out a new studio space and to buy supplies. His art space is super organized and a fun place to hang out and view his artwork. He has a exhibition wall where he showcased some of his older collections as well as what he is currently working on.

Ethan Boisvert studio

Ethan Boisvert’s acrylic on paper series

We were mesmerized by the dialogue communicated from painting to painting through Ethan’s use of color. It was quite extraordinary, I must admit, Ethan has a unique ability to work magic with the colors he selects and with each brush stroke his voice is heard. The paintings, when placed next to each other, change in their color formations. They sing and dance with one another while creating a harmonic dialogue that reminded me of Picasso’s famous quote “to draw you must close your eyes and sing”. This was the first time that I had seen Ethan’s artwork in multiples and I really enjoyed the animated effect of the colors speaking to one another.

Ethan warmed our hearts with his genuine gratitude and appreciation for our guidance, he kept saying how we had “changed his life” through the sales of his paintings. He had a couple of hard years before this and now he has a nice apartment, studio space, and renewed passion for creating. We couldn’t stop smiling! When Ethan didn’t have a studio space to paint, he painted wherever and on whatever he had accessible. He created this series below painted on paper, when he moved this summer he recycled many of his moving boxes by painting another series of paintings on them that is stunning!

Image of Ethan Boisvert at studio

Ethan Boisvert in his studio

After touring his studio and viewing his brilliant collections, we strolled down the street to a cool Mexican restaurant for some grub. Over delicious fish tacos we discussed how we can expand his audience, we brainstormed many ideas that we will be rolling out over the coming months. We always have time for those who believe enough in themselves to invest in themselves and their craft, this is how dreams come true.

To view more of Ethan’s Work please visit his website