Erik Skoldberg

While wandering through the D&D Building here in NYC a new artist caught my eye in the A.Rudin Showroom. It was love at first sight, instantly I felt the energy of every brush stroke as it washed over me.   I was intrigued by the artist’s layering of texture, I enjoyed the surprising pops of color within an otherwise soft palette, and his minimalist approach enforced the theory that less is more. Artist Erik Skoldberg, not only displays genius when it comes to painting, he also has a savvy business sense about him that compliments his innovative business model. He has reached “beyond the canvas ultimately creating a lifestyle brand”.

erik skoldberg "andy warhol" painting

A few years ago, Skoldberg opened his very own Solo Gallery at the Del Mar Plaza where he showcases his colorful paintings, custom painted surf boards and other cool items with his signature color layering of energetic brushstrokes. He has a long list of residential, commercial and hospitality clients but I think he finds the greatest success in supporting himself doing what he loves, while living the lifestyle that expresses who he authentically is.

erik skoldberg's solo gallery at del mar plaza

Erik Skoldberg’s Solo Gallery at Del Mar Plaza

“The focus, vibrancy, and movement of each piece portray many of the feelings and experiences that inspire me. My collection is truly a portrait and reflection of my life. My appreciation for Mother Nature and the feeling it evokes when something spectacular is captured continually inspires me to create.”

erik skoldberg's violet blue painting

We have added his energy to two of my client’s homes here in Brooklyn and they are feeling the love!