Dear Sophia

Dear Sophia,

may the Moon never forget
the first time it held you in its arms
and forever honor the journey you made
as you passed by its curious eyes
before crashing down to earth,
made of stardust and borne of the Sun.

may the universe possess an awareness
for what great treasure it has found in you
a small yet determined little adventurer
forever seeking out her next mission
with eyes like water and a heart burning on wonder

( ” the love of knowledge ” )

may others everlastingly hold you dear
and appreciate what a miracle it is
to have known you,
and what privilege it is to have loved you.

little bird, may you always be the endless master of your own fate; the heroine and author of your own brilliant story.

may the stars eternally recognize
for whom they first parted
and before what wondrous a woman
they bow.