I’ve been finding more and more in my own life, technology desensitizes our natural experiences in the world. In a day and age where our brains are over-stimulated not just by work, not just by television, not just by the advertisements on the side of the road, not just by the strip malls, but also by sitting in front of a computer/mobile device for an hour or two on end, we are missing out on our true connection to ourselves, others, and our environment.

Lets think about just in one day, how much information enters and is processed by the human brain. It’s quite a bit. Now think about how much of that information was relevant to anything you were doing today, tomorrow, next month, next year. It filters itself out doesn’t it? How many ads can one look at in the NYC subway before enough is enough? If what they say is true and we only use 20% of our brain, think about how much of the 20% is occupied with images and adverts that hold no relevance to our daily lives.

By being engaged with digital images and videos wherever we go, we miss out on the real thing. Your brain has already reached a level of stimulation and doesn’t seek anymore as it needs time to “cool down.” Therefore, when you go outside, you miss out on natural and organic experiences because you’re just not there. Brain’s been occupied. Especially when you’re walking down the sidewalk looking at your phone. Granted, we are all victims of this at one point or another. When you take a break, everything seems fresh and alive. You don’t feel “weighed down” anymore.

Consciously spend as little time in front of the screens for a week and you’ll see the difference it makes. When you go on vacation, make it a point to keep the phone in your room either off or in your bag.  Make a mental note when you’re habitually using social media…i.e. before bed, when you wake up, during lunch, etc. Cut it out and see how you feel. We lead healthier lives when our minds are free.  Technology is supposed to connect us but at what price do we give up the connection we once knew?


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