Coming Back To Life

David Gilmour, lead guitarist and vocalist of legends Pink Floyd, will be touring this Spring/Summer 2016 and we are fortunate enough to attend this Monday April 11th, at Madison Square Garden.  Virtuoso of the Fender Stratocaster, this tour could be one of his last seeing that he turned 70 years old in March of this year.  Fingers crossed we get some of that old Floyd lightshow coupled with the twilight and maturity of what Gilmour’s sound has come to be.  Promoting his new album “Rattle That Lock”, it is expected to hear a good chunk of the album live while reserving the rest for previous solo material and Pink Floyd classics.  I saw him what must have been 10 years ago on his last tour at Radio City Music Hall 10th row center and I’m hoping this concert at MSG delivers.  It has to. It will.

To get in the festive mood, here is “Coming Back To Life” live from Robert Wyatt’s Meltdown Concert.