Cloud Cult

When was the last time you truly felt inspired? The feeling completely overtaking your being, just as the sun breaking the dawn as you stand looking down over a cliff. I remember in my youth having so many special days. Sitting on boulders overlooking the ocean with my best friend in the middle of winter, talking about history, life, and music. Or standing on top of a bridge looking down over the loading docks for the Martha’s Vineyard ferry, just blowing in the wind as the hundreds of people gather in their cars and get in line to board the boat.

Inspiration is something that cannot be forced. It comes at the most random times but it is up to us to put ourselves in those positions. Yea sure you can set up a day and look for inspiration by walking around or going to a museum or something, but to be completely overtaken, I’m a firm believer it has to come naturally. It comes from doing things you normally wouldn’t do. By switching up your routine, you begin to open up your mind to allow creativity and stimulation to enter.

Lately, I’ve been revisiting some “old” music from my college days. Music used to touch me so deeply back then, why not now? Is it because the quality and soul of music has diminished? Am I the one who has changed? Either way, music from my youth has been inspiring me and as The Verve put it:

I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah
I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now

Cloud Cult is one of those bands to be rediscovered and they really make me feel free now.  And if you are lost and searching for a revelation, listen to some Cloud Cult:

We feel our hearts break as the engines fade.
Still need to find it. Still need to find it.
So we took the written words of our philosophers,
and built a fire from it. Let’s get those engines lit.


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