Boulder Bud

Last year I was in Boulder, CO with fellow Kigi Love co-founder, Marcus, and CEO of Illegal NY, Prinz Carlson. We were really looking forward to checking out this progressive town and all it has to offer. The historic legalization of Cannabis, state level in parts of Colorado, has really boosted tourism and we were interested in checking out the dispensaries. Our only point of reference, for being able to purchase some killer sticky greens semi-legally, was in Amsterdam where the laws are relaxed. We reminisced about coffee shop 36, the Grasshopper, Dolphins and many more of our Amsterdam haunts as our excitement grew. Would Boulder’s dispensaries offer a similar experience? Our curiosity was building, so we took to the streets and found the Swanky Dank Shop called Native Roots Apothecary. The first room we entered had a security guard who asked for our ID’s (must be 21+). Once your ID is scanned and approved you are allowed to enter the second room. We were greeted by the skunky smell of premium-grade cannabis and cheerful sales associates, who were surprisingly professional and full of knowledge about their products. To be honest, we were kind of expecting a bunch of red-eyed giggling stoners wearing drug rugs and staring at tapestries on the wall (flash back to college days). I definitely wasn’t expecting the interior design to resemble that of a chic hotel lobby with well dressed employees and clear eyes. On one wall there were four ipads mounted to a shelf encouraging you to peruse the vast menu. On the other wall, there were the display cases filled with lollipop’s, edible cookies and brownies, capsules, topicals, bubble hash and jars with many sought after strains including tangerine haze, master kush, orange herjuana and deadman OG. The sales people are trained to ask what you are looking for, what your issues are, and then they guide you in the right direction. All Native Roots plants are grown using natural and organic ingredients while grown in a highly controlled environment . “All concentrates are made exclusively on premises from house-grown flowers to ensure quality and consistency”. This is serious business and it’s run with high professionalism (no pun intended) and the business model is proving successful. Colorado is banking some serious cash from this and other states are taking notice. On a Federal level cannabis is still not legal, however, it appears to me that the majority of people are pro legalization, even the NY Times posted their stance recently, “Repeal Prohibition, again“. It was projected that Colorado would collect between 50-60 million dollars in taxes by end of fiscal year. Can you imagine if all 50 states legalized and capitalized on this natural plant?

The Swanky Dank Shop

In our group we had a mix of people who chose to indulge and those who chose to refrain. Even those who have never smoked, or ingested marijuana, decided to check out the dispensaries for the experience alone. One guy even learned to roll a joint just for the fun of it and then passed it along to others for consumption. I was thankful to have cannabis connoisseur, Prinz Carlson, on hand to sample the goods for us, as I chose to refrain from smokin’ it up. Prinz tried the capsules on the first day and claimed he consumed a little more than recommended as they took awhile to activate, therefore sneaking up on him in an “intense yet good way”. He then moved onto the Tangerine Haze because he missed the process of rolling j’s and smoking. He liked the refreshing citrus taste and overall buzz but thought the OG DJ style was the best smelling with it’s “citrus candy scent”. On his last day he ate a “sweet mary jane” carrot cake cookie and stated that it was a “smooth ride and long lasting high”. He also mentioned that street bud had nothing on the quality and freshness of locally grown cannabis. From what I saw it was all thumbs up and perma-smiles!


The town of Boulder is filled with the friendliest people I have experienced in a long time. Within the first couple days of being there I had made some friends, was invited to a few parties and had a list of recommended places to eat. Pearl street is filled with cute boutiques and amazing farm to table restaurants, street performers and musicians. My two favorite places to eat were Salt and Shine. Salt’s fish tacos were so amazing and quite possibly the best I’ve ever tasted. Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place has potion drinks where they mix herbs, spices, juices and hints of flower, tree and gem essences (you can add alcohol too). Shine’s delicious Eggs Benedict with fresh tomatoes, avocado sauce and poached eggs on a homemade healthy muffin was tried by all three of us and we unanimously agree it was beyond amazing! Both places have a cool vibe to them and the food is super fresh and clean eating.

When I ventured off Pearl Street I came across a cute boutique called Nod and Rose where I purchased a few unique items. The owner, Elizabeth, was delightful and so helpful – she even invited me to a party the following evening at her store complete with band and food! I also enjoyed Prana whose yoga clothes I have been wearing for years. I was excited to experience their store in person. They have a free yoga class downstairs everyday! They encourage customers to try on clothes and practice a pose or two to see how the clothes perform (adjustments to poses are given as well!)

Swanky Dank Shop

Inside the Swanky Dank Shop

If you are looking to connect with nature I highly recommend a hike through the Flatirons. The view from the top is awesome and we felt so accomplished after doing a little bouldering to get there. It was magical to touch the Flatiron rocks. We also enjoyed the drive up to our house in Sunshine, about 10 minutes from downtown. It’s all up hill into the mountains and the views are breathtaking. The people of Boulder are socially responsible, clean eaters, exercising constantly and are in touch with nature and overall living the healthy Kigi Lifestyle. I think that Colorado is the perfect state to lead the change of cannabis legalization and I am hopeful that the revenue will be used towards positive changes and social responsibility.