Artistic Journey

Every person’s brain is uniquely wired, every person’s memories reflect their own experience, each human being perceives life through their own filtered eyes. Personally, I view life in the same way that I view art, I allow myself to feel the artists work. I allow myself to feel life. This is almost a lost art in our modern world where emphasis is placed on hiding our emotions. If we don’t connect with our emotional side what are we left with? The mental and physical realms are empty without the depth of our internal emotions. We are left with a shallow shell of ourselves, a deep hole that is insatiable, we live our lives trying to fill this void through material goods and co-dependency. Intuitively what we are seeking is a deeper connection with ourselves and more intimate connections with other human beings. It is by moving inward, through our emotional body, that we connect with our soul’s passion. A spark ignites, our emotions flow, and we lead with our hearts through this artistic journey of life.

Art conjures up many different emotions when viewed, each individual will connect in a unique way based on their own life experiences. In life, much like in art, everyone responds and reacts differently to their emotional lessons, our internal programming reflects our experiential perceptions. When we connect with a work of art we are essentially connecting to the artists’ emotional expression as it mirrors our own patterning. We all have an individualized emotional imprint that impacts how we respond to life lessons, art, people, and relationships. Life works in a similar way, sometimes we immediately connect with a person as if we have know them forever, sometimes we are repelled by someone out of fear or too much emotional sameness. Our human reaction is to hide our emotions through negative patterns of fear, hate, and bitterness. When we take time to feel our emotions and integrate them, we empower our selves and others through love.

Art is a safe place for us to identify with our emotions through the artist’s mirror, as we are presented with opportunities to connect with ourselves and to work through emotional blocks. This is why art is so soothing, healing, inspirational, and transformational. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel and express our emotions we ultimately project our issues onto others in unhealthy ways. When an adult has a temper tantrum, puts you down, verbally abuses you, tries to make you feel small or belittles you in any way that is a defense mechanism designed to dump their emotional baggage onto you. Would you buy a painting that makes you feel terrible? Would you hang it in your house to look at everyday? Probably not, we all have the power of choice in how we creatively design our lives. Artfully surround yourself with people who love and respect your authentic self.


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